Wednesday, 18 April 2007


How long is it since I've blogged - AGES!!!!

What has happened since then? Well, there was my second Westlife concert - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! as usual. Unfortunately, none of photos came out very well - never mind.

then a couple of days off. Then at Easter our great friends, The Guthries arrived!! we had a fabulous weekend with them, and hope to not leave it as long before the next time we see them (it was over a year this time!!) We took them to Hadrian's Wall on the Saturday and Tynemouth Priory on the Sunday. here is a picture of the Priory.

There was also lots of chatting. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and were sad to see them go home on Sunday evening. (Although I'm not sure if Snowy enjoyed her weekend as she met Maisy, Rosie and Will's dog, who 'just wanted to play'!! but Snowy was having none of it!!)

Back to work on the Tuesday and then on the Thursday I took Daniel to see Starlight Express. He loved it! I've seen it before but it was just as good second time around.

and finally, today me and Daniel went to get a Siamese Fighting Fish for his fish tank.

it's really pretty, and brightens up the tank. Plus we also got some greenery and a tank light.
right, that's everyone up to date with the Wright household happenings.
I'll try not to leave it too long next time!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Boy Bands

just got back from the first of 2 Westlife concerts I'm going to (next one is tomorrow!!)

A brilliant concert as usual, can't wait for tomorrow as our seats our 4 rows from the front!!

I'm off work now aswell until after Easter. Shopping at Metrocentre tomorrow, housework on Thursday, then the Guthries are coming for the weekend (YAH HOO!)