Friday, 30 March 2007

haven't been here for a while, been full of busy, (and full of cold!!).

had a couple of sick days this week when the cold caught up with me - although I think it brought a few of it's friends to stay too!!

Speaking of having friends to stay, our good friends The Guthries are visiting us at Easter. We can't wait , as we haven't seen them for a year!!! Roll on next Friday.

Well, my Sunday nights are now my own until September. No more Ice Hockey! It was the last home game on Sunday and a Testimonial game last night. Our Player/coach, Simon, is emigrating to Australia to play over there. It was a great night, with lots of OLD faces playing. We've just got the play off finals to go now, but they are both away games. Lets hope we can get some silverware for Simon.

Anyway that's all from me. Catch you all later

Thursday, 1 March 2007


Me and Daniel are huge Ice Hocley fans and support our local team. It was the league fina last night,against our local rivals - we had to win or draw to win the league!!

After a very exciting game, and lots of shouting, singing and chanting - WE LOST!!!!!

We were both gutted, although we had enjoyed the game and were proud of our team! I honestly thought Daniel was going to cry!!!!

Never mind - I suppose it's only a game!!!