Wednesday, 16 January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR - (Eventually!!)

Happy New Year to all....... I know it's abit late, but you know me and my regular blogging - NOT!!!
Anyway, hope you all had a good new year. We did. was quite a quiet one - went to our friends for the evening and played on the Wii and party games, then crashed on the sofas. Took Daniel with us as well, but Snowy went to her Grandma's, as she's not too happy with lots of people.

We bought a new car last week aswell. I'll be keeping my little old Micra, but we traded the Citroen in for a Vauxhall Zafira! it's not brand new, but won't be a year old until the end of this month. I'll take some piccies when I get round to it.

Was on the sick from work with some sort of stomach bug at the beginning of last week, and went back to work on the Wednesday. BIG mistake!!!! I then caught the flu bug, and am now off again! will probably stay off the rest of the week now - I know I'll get a sick warning from work, but don't want to risk ANOTHER bug, if I go back too early! was feeling a little bit better for some of today, so I stuck together my birthday book. and here it is:

This is the December Kit from Bubbly Funk. First one I've bought and actually made. It may well have to happen again!!

I also received a diary in the post from the lovely Di O from the Bubbly Funk Forum, and decided it would be my 'crafting diary'. So that's been altered and here it is:

I think I'll have to do some minor adjustments, coz it's coming unstuck inside.
just have to remember to use it now.
Well that's it for now - hope everyone is well. BYEEEE!!