Monday, 6 October 2008

ickle bit of crafting

Over on Bubbly Funk we had a Cyber Crop a couple of weeks ago. I printed/saved all the projects, but have only had chance to make one up to now - and that's only because I needed it for a pressie.

this is a little gift bag - instructions very kindly provided by Sue (thanx)

I mucked it up a little bit and therefore it's smaller than it should be - but it worked ok coz it's only got a small pressie in it!

I fully intend to make other things from the crop and will let you see them when I eventually have a go!

Snowy's got a Radley (well a handbag!!)

anyone who knows our family will know that Snowy is our dog. She was a rescue dog and we have had her for just over 2 years. and she is thoroughly spoilt rotten!!

Altho she has her own toy box full, in fact overflowing, with toys, Carl decided she had to have a new one. and here it is:
not quite a Radley - but almost!!!

she was obviously getting ready to go out - coz she also like a drink:

weekend away

Last weekend, Daniel and I went away for the weekend (and left Carl and Snowy at home!)
we went on a bus trip to CadburyWorld (mmmmm chocolate!!), and then a safari park on the Sunday.
We had a great time and altho it was abit strange without Carl, it was nice to have a mother/son weekend.
here are a couple of pictures from the safari park, including the white lions, white tigers, a giraffe licking dew from the top of a jeep and some 'rude' turtles!! (Daniel said I had to put the last one on!!)

oh yes, and one of my 'grown up' son!!

OMG!!! - how long is it since I blogged!!! I can't possibly share everything I've done since June!!! so just a few photos and an 'ickle bit of info!

Our summer hols this year consisted of a week at Carl's mam and dad's caravan at Haltwhistle - the reasons for this is that Carl's holidays and Daniel's holiday activities clashed!! We had a great time tho and had a few days out - one of which was at Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District and here's a couple of photos of 'my family' from there

Nail Art

In July I completed a Nail Art course and the slide show below shows some examples of my 'handywork'

Eventually I will work out how to move it to the side of my blog and I will try to remember to update it whenever I do my nails

Saturday, 7 June 2008

look what I got this time!

It was our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday, and we said we wouldn't buy for each other. but when Carl came home from work on Thursday night, he handed me 3 presents!! ( he always does this - you'd think I'd have learnt by now!!)

Inside the presents, were a handbag, a purse and an umbrella - all with a little doggy on them.

I'd wanted a bigger Radley so I could use it every day ........ and now I have one!!

I made him a necklace (a piece of suede with 3 black beads on). he seems to like it and it hasn't come off his neck since - but I felt a bit guilty.

He can see!!

Just thought I'd let you see Stumpy with eyes!! he looks so much better!! I nearly lost him on Thursday - I thought Ishould really let mam see him as she knitted him, so I took him with me when I left for work. It was soo hot in the car, I couldn't leave him there all day, so I took him in the office. Several people took a liking to him and wanted to take him home. However, he decided he was happy living with us.
oh, my mam thought is was great!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I'm loving the knitted monkeys that Kaz over on Bubbly Funk knits and she knitted one for Daniel.
Anyway, my mam had a operation on her foot recently and was bored. As she is a knitter I obtained the monkey pattern from Kaz and presented it to my mother with some wool. A few weeks later she gave me a bag full of knitted pieces and said ' I knitted the blooming thing, I'm not sewing it up!!'

and so he sat in a bag for a few weeks.

then last week when I was off work I decided to sew him up. - not sure whether mam went a bit wrong on the pattern or whether it was the wool I picked, but my monkee is very fat with short legs!!

and now I introduce ' Stumpy'
You will also notice that he is blind at the minute, that is because I can't decide whether hes hould have stick on 'google' eyes or sewn eyes. I am not sure which he would suit better.

So there you go, that is my Stumpy Monkee!!

Altered Item

I tend to slightly alter things, but am always worried about going overboard. However, when I look at things that others have altered, I love them!!

When I visited Rosie's blog recently she is offering some blog candy for reaching 10,000 visitors (well done Rosie!!) This time she is challenging people to 'alter' something, so after winning some fabby stuff in Rosie's last blog candy, I thought I'd get my thinking cap on!

and this is what I found to alter (not sure if it counts tho!)

The reasoning behind this is, my rapidly increasing weight!!
I was a member of Weight Watchers and managed to lose a stone and a half! but when all my 'probems' at work started, I more or less gave up. I was still paying the money,but not going to get weighed coz I'd been 'naughty' Therefore I cancelled my membership. I had a posh set of glass scales on the floor in my bedroom, but because they were on the carpet, they didn't weigh properly, so I asked my dad for some wood to stand them on. The wooden board is what he gave me!

I soon decided I didn't really fancy the idea of the board in my bedroom as you would be able to seei t thru the scales. So outcame my stash and this is what I came up with.

I was quite chuffed actually and Carl said if the wood had been a bit straighter he would have put it on the wall!!
so there you go , my first proper attempt at 'altering' something


some girls at work were laughing at me when I ordered the June kit off Bubbly Funk this week. They said I keep buying craft stash, admiring it and then sticking it in a drawer! Although this is absolutely true at the moment, I was determined to prove them wrong!!

these are what I came up with:

Actually, the first one is an anniversary card someone at work asked me to make a few weeks ago and I forgot I'd taken a photo, so thought I'd include that one too.
Quite surprise myself actually coz I just picked up random things from my stash and took it down stairs to use. I was determined I wasn't going back upstairs until I'd finished! I obviously chose the right stuff!


I know this is a bit late, but just thought I'dshow a few pics from our weekend in Scarborough.

We didn't do much apart from walk around the shops, go to the castle and the Sea Life Centre and get VERY wet when it rained! so there's not that much to blog!

However, it was a nice change and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

new puppy!!

We received a text message from our friends Billy and Jeanie at the beginning of the week, asking us if we wanted to go and meet the new addition to their family. Now I knew it wasn't a baby, and I don't think they're cat people, so it could only be one other thing..........

this is Daisy!!! an 8 week old Westie puppy!! and isn't she gorgeous!! (she makes our Snowy look HUGE!!, in fact she's smaller than some of Snowy's toys!!)

thought Rosie might like to see these piccies, as I'm sure it will bring back memories of 'baby' Maisie!

going away to Scarborough tomorrow for the weekend, so will hopefully remember to take some photos and also to blog them!!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

new baby!!

My nephew and his wife have had a baby boy!! they live in Macclesfield so I haven't seen him 'in the flesh' yet, but have seen loads of photos.
My parents were going to visit this weekend, so I decided to make my first scrapbook page, and frame it for them. I also did a card for them.

My nephew is mad on Star Wars, so I bet you can't guess what they have called their son!
yes, you're right - may I present to you: LUKE XANDER SNOWBALL!! (and yes, Snowball IS their surname!)

My mum phoned tonight, and said he is as gorgeous in real life, I feel a trip to Macclesfield coming on very soon!!

crafty stuff

my crafty 'mojo' is slowly returning, in small bursts!
I decided I would do a scrap book, and got as far as making the front cover, and some blank pages to go inside:

I chose the photos I wanted to scrap and put them on a disc to take to my local 'Klick' shop. (my printer isn't clever enough to get decent prints!). put them on the machine in the shop and 'faffed' about with them, then printed them! and nearly died when I saw how big they had printed (7" x 5"). my scrap book is only 8x8!! I then learned that they have new machines in Klick that printed bigger, as well as the older ones. I was too embarrassed to do them again in a smaller size! I'll go to Asda next week instead!
I also made a birthday card for my pal that I've known since first school. Haven't seen her for years, but still keep in regular contact. I am going to make a point of going to visit her this year!
altho I say my 'mojo' has returned, it has only returned in limited quantities! I have discovered 'blooms', and all my cards seem to have a VERY similar theme at the mo!! never mind,I'm sure it will return properly soon

Junior crafters

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum, they get up to all sorts of stuff!! some I join in and most I don't! However, in October last year, it was decided to hold a Junior CJ, for the children of us bubblies to take part in (I am NEVER enrolling Daniel in anything else - kicks up the bum needed EVERY month!)

Anyway, the finished/completed article arrived a couple of weeks ago, and we are really pleased with it! these kids are really talented! here are the pictures of Daniel's CJ called 'My Favourite Holiday!

Thursday, 6 March 2008


I am a big(ish) Westlife fan. I've been to their concerts every year for the past few years, and last night they were back in the North East!!!!! and I was there, 10 rows from the front!!!

I only went to 1 concert this year, due to Carl's' shifts and babysitters. (I usually go twice!!)
(Last year we were also nearer the front - not that I'm complaining!)

They were brilliant as usual - here are a few pix:
can you tell who my fav is??

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


We have an aquarium at Tynemouth near us, and at half term, Daniel and I decided to pay a visit. We've been before but now they have seals!! We got there in time to watch the otters being fed as well. great fun to watch them with their little white mice for lunch!!

here are a few pictures I took:

We spent ages by the seal pool, even though it was freezing! they were fascinating to watch.