Monday, 6 October 2008

ickle bit of crafting

Over on Bubbly Funk we had a Cyber Crop a couple of weeks ago. I printed/saved all the projects, but have only had chance to make one up to now - and that's only because I needed it for a pressie.

this is a little gift bag - instructions very kindly provided by Sue (thanx)

I mucked it up a little bit and therefore it's smaller than it should be - but it worked ok coz it's only got a small pressie in it!

I fully intend to make other things from the crop and will let you see them when I eventually have a go!

Snowy's got a Radley (well a handbag!!)

anyone who knows our family will know that Snowy is our dog. She was a rescue dog and we have had her for just over 2 years. and she is thoroughly spoilt rotten!!

Altho she has her own toy box full, in fact overflowing, with toys, Carl decided she had to have a new one. and here it is:
not quite a Radley - but almost!!!

she was obviously getting ready to go out - coz she also like a drink:

weekend away

Last weekend, Daniel and I went away for the weekend (and left Carl and Snowy at home!)
we went on a bus trip to CadburyWorld (mmmmm chocolate!!), and then a safari park on the Sunday.
We had a great time and altho it was abit strange without Carl, it was nice to have a mother/son weekend.
here are a couple of pictures from the safari park, including the white lions, white tigers, a giraffe licking dew from the top of a jeep and some 'rude' turtles!! (Daniel said I had to put the last one on!!)

oh yes, and one of my 'grown up' son!!

OMG!!! - how long is it since I blogged!!! I can't possibly share everything I've done since June!!! so just a few photos and an 'ickle bit of info!

Our summer hols this year consisted of a week at Carl's mam and dad's caravan at Haltwhistle - the reasons for this is that Carl's holidays and Daniel's holiday activities clashed!! We had a great time tho and had a few days out - one of which was at Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District and here's a couple of photos of 'my family' from there

Nail Art

In July I completed a Nail Art course and the slide show below shows some examples of my 'handywork'

Eventually I will work out how to move it to the side of my blog and I will try to remember to update it whenever I do my nails

Saturday, 7 June 2008

look what I got this time!

It was our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday, and we said we wouldn't buy for each other. but when Carl came home from work on Thursday night, he handed me 3 presents!! ( he always does this - you'd think I'd have learnt by now!!)

Inside the presents, were a handbag, a purse and an umbrella - all with a little doggy on them.

I'd wanted a bigger Radley so I could use it every day ........ and now I have one!!

I made him a necklace (a piece of suede with 3 black beads on). he seems to like it and it hasn't come off his neck since - but I felt a bit guilty.