Monday, 6 October 2008

weekend away

Last weekend, Daniel and I went away for the weekend (and left Carl and Snowy at home!)
we went on a bus trip to CadburyWorld (mmmmm chocolate!!), and then a safari park on the Sunday.
We had a great time and altho it was abit strange without Carl, it was nice to have a mother/son weekend.
here are a couple of pictures from the safari park, including the white lions, white tigers, a giraffe licking dew from the top of a jeep and some 'rude' turtles!! (Daniel said I had to put the last one on!!)

oh yes, and one of my 'grown up' son!!


Traceyr said...

Lovely photos Sam. What safari park was it?

Traceyr :)

Karen said...

The white tigers are so beautiful arenm't they but the naughty turtles...well....what can I say hahahahaha

Gez said...

I love the giraffe licking the car! The white tigers look gorgeous.