Thursday, 6 March 2008


I am a big(ish) Westlife fan. I've been to their concerts every year for the past few years, and last night they were back in the North East!!!!! and I was there, 10 rows from the front!!!

I only went to 1 concert this year, due to Carl's' shifts and babysitters. (I usually go twice!!)
(Last year we were also nearer the front - not that I'm complaining!)

They were brilliant as usual - here are a few pix:
can you tell who my fav is??

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


We have an aquarium at Tynemouth near us, and at half term, Daniel and I decided to pay a visit. We've been before but now they have seals!! We got there in time to watch the otters being fed as well. great fun to watch them with their little white mice for lunch!!

here are a few pictures I took:

We spent ages by the seal pool, even though it was freezing! they were fascinating to watch.

all aboard!

I'm not very good at this blogging thing, am I?

anyway a couple of weeks ago, the Ark Royal paid a visit to the North East, and it was open to the public. So we set off on a Saturday morning, ready to queue up to get on. Luckily we only Had to wait for about 20 mins once it had opened. Unfortunately, all that was open was the hanger, and basically, I think it was a recruitment exercise for the Royal Navy. Once inside the hanger, there were small 'stalls' set up showing what each part of the Navy did. We enjoyed it tho, and here are a couple of pics.