Thursday, 23 August 2007

Fat, purple, Foot!!

I got woken up this morning at 3.30am, by my hubby Carl being brought home from work, after a trip to casualty. He'd run over his foot with a hand-held fork lift!!!!!(OW!!!) and consequently has a FAT, PURPLE FOOT!!! no bones broken thanks to steel toe-capped work boots, but quite severe soft tissue injuries. off work for a couple of days, then a long weekend and he's going back to work on Tuesday, probably to do light duties. I'll keep you all posted! (if I remember!)

Friday, 17 August 2007

I'm not very good at this blogging lark, am I?

I never feel like I've got anything interesting to say that anyone will want to read!

Anyway, I've been on my hols, and I've got NO photos coz I forgot to take the charger for the camera and when I went to take a piccie, the battery was dead!! We went to Silloth on the West coast of Cumbria, and had a fab time. Weather was mixed, but still managed to get sunburnt!! It all seems like a distant memory now!

Had a couple of days off with Daniel this week and decided to 'be a tourist' in our home city of Newcastle. We went on a city sightseeing tour - it was great fun. Daniel learnt loads and I learnt some stuff too. here are a few pix I took.

For anyone who doesn't know, the 1st pic is the Millenium Bridge, the 2nd is the Sage building, which is 'the International Home for Music and musical discovery'. 3rd pic is the Tyne bridge with the other stuff in the background, 4th is a side view of the Millenium Bridge, and the last one is the castle keep in Newcastle.

I am quite chuffed how the pics came out, as we were on a moving bus at the time.

I can recommend these tours to anyone, even in your home town, it's amazing the stuff you don't know about where you live. For example, there is a theatre near to the RVI hospital, that used to be a pharmacy. The staff at the hospital asked the pharmacy to make a drink that would help patients get their strength back. They made the drink and named it 'Glucoze-aid', later to be changed to 'Lucozade'. Also the RVI, or the Royal Victoria Infirmary, to give it it's full title, is named after Queen Victoria (even though it was opened 5 years after her death), and owns several pairs of Queen Victoria's bloomers. The reason being that all buildings named after her, got a piece of her clothing when she died!!

Anyway I'm going to go now, before I bore you all with useless, but interesting, facts about Newcastle.

I'll try not to leave it as long next time.