Friday, 1 June 2007

week off

well, it's the last day of my week off with Daniel. It's been lovely, think I could get used to not working! we haven't done that much, just pottered about.

We went out as a family last weekend and took Carl's mum with us. We went to Hartlepool Maritime Experience, which was very interesting. They have little replica shops set up around a small dock. There are people in period costume and some of them fire muskets and cannons at regular intervals. There is a large ship, the HMS Trincomalee, which is Britain's oldest warship afloat. Here's a couple of pictures:

I could have been a sailor on it because I'm only small, but Carl couldn't even stand fully upright in some of it!! Those sailors must of been little guys!

Took Daniel to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Tuesday - very good! (it also features 2 of my fav actors so that's a HUGE bonus!!)

Thursday saw the three of us going swimming at our new Sports centre. (well I just stood there, coz I can't swim!!) We had a swimming pool until about 3 years ago, but it was very dated, and cold! They closed it down because the foundations were not safe. But we now have a state-of-the-art leisure centre, with all brand new stuff. Very nice. The gym is almost enough to make me want to join - notice I said ALMOST!! I might do a couple of classes tho.

right I'm off to iron now, before we go away for the weekend tomorrow.