Saturday, 7 June 2008

look what I got this time!

It was our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday, and we said we wouldn't buy for each other. but when Carl came home from work on Thursday night, he handed me 3 presents!! ( he always does this - you'd think I'd have learnt by now!!)

Inside the presents, were a handbag, a purse and an umbrella - all with a little doggy on them.

I'd wanted a bigger Radley so I could use it every day ........ and now I have one!!

I made him a necklace (a piece of suede with 3 black beads on). he seems to like it and it hasn't come off his neck since - but I felt a bit guilty.

He can see!!

Just thought I'd let you see Stumpy with eyes!! he looks so much better!! I nearly lost him on Thursday - I thought Ishould really let mam see him as she knitted him, so I took him with me when I left for work. It was soo hot in the car, I couldn't leave him there all day, so I took him in the office. Several people took a liking to him and wanted to take him home. However, he decided he was happy living with us.
oh, my mam thought is was great!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I'm loving the knitted monkeys that Kaz over on Bubbly Funk knits and she knitted one for Daniel.
Anyway, my mam had a operation on her foot recently and was bored. As she is a knitter I obtained the monkey pattern from Kaz and presented it to my mother with some wool. A few weeks later she gave me a bag full of knitted pieces and said ' I knitted the blooming thing, I'm not sewing it up!!'

and so he sat in a bag for a few weeks.

then last week when I was off work I decided to sew him up. - not sure whether mam went a bit wrong on the pattern or whether it was the wool I picked, but my monkee is very fat with short legs!!

and now I introduce ' Stumpy'
You will also notice that he is blind at the minute, that is because I can't decide whether hes hould have stick on 'google' eyes or sewn eyes. I am not sure which he would suit better.

So there you go, that is my Stumpy Monkee!!

Altered Item

I tend to slightly alter things, but am always worried about going overboard. However, when I look at things that others have altered, I love them!!

When I visited Rosie's blog recently she is offering some blog candy for reaching 10,000 visitors (well done Rosie!!) This time she is challenging people to 'alter' something, so after winning some fabby stuff in Rosie's last blog candy, I thought I'd get my thinking cap on!

and this is what I found to alter (not sure if it counts tho!)

The reasoning behind this is, my rapidly increasing weight!!
I was a member of Weight Watchers and managed to lose a stone and a half! but when all my 'probems' at work started, I more or less gave up. I was still paying the money,but not going to get weighed coz I'd been 'naughty' Therefore I cancelled my membership. I had a posh set of glass scales on the floor in my bedroom, but because they were on the carpet, they didn't weigh properly, so I asked my dad for some wood to stand them on. The wooden board is what he gave me!

I soon decided I didn't really fancy the idea of the board in my bedroom as you would be able to seei t thru the scales. So outcame my stash and this is what I came up with.

I was quite chuffed actually and Carl said if the wood had been a bit straighter he would have put it on the wall!!
so there you go , my first proper attempt at 'altering' something


some girls at work were laughing at me when I ordered the June kit off Bubbly Funk this week. They said I keep buying craft stash, admiring it and then sticking it in a drawer! Although this is absolutely true at the moment, I was determined to prove them wrong!!

these are what I came up with:

Actually, the first one is an anniversary card someone at work asked me to make a few weeks ago and I forgot I'd taken a photo, so thought I'd include that one too.
Quite surprise myself actually coz I just picked up random things from my stash and took it down stairs to use. I was determined I wasn't going back upstairs until I'd finished! I obviously chose the right stuff!


I know this is a bit late, but just thought I'dshow a few pics from our weekend in Scarborough.

We didn't do much apart from walk around the shops, go to the castle and the Sea Life Centre and get VERY wet when it rained! so there's not that much to blog!

However, it was a nice change and we all enjoyed ourselves.